French Yellow Pages Buy A Daily Deal Aggregator

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Pages Jaunes Groupe, the French Yellow Pages, just bought, one of the many Yipit-like daily deal aggregators in France. They’re renaming it 123deals, because they also have a people search engine called 123people. (Via TCFR, in French)

This caught our eyes for a couple reasons. First, was started by one guy last Summer in his spare time while he was doing other work; once the site made enough revenue from affiliate fees, he quit his job and went on it full time. From side project to startup to acquisition in around six months is cool and impressive!

Second, Pages Jaunes is a very interesting company because it may be the only Yellow Pages in the world that managed to transition successfully to the internet. The company now makes over half of its revenue online and is really impressive. Seeing a company that’s supposed to be an archetype of an Old Media Titanic navigate the internet so well is very interesting.

So this is a nice piece of news all around.

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