This vending machine sells gourmet meat instead of pretzels and Cheetos

Craving a late night slab of steak? If you’re in Paris, you can just stop by a vending machine for your gourmet meat fix.

A butcher’s shop in eastern Paris called L’ami Txulette has set up a vending machine selling vacuum-packed meat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reports the Associated Press.

The machine specialises in local meat, with offerings including duck confit, beef carpaccio, and faux-filet steaks.

Younger customers have flocked to the gourmet vending machine, especially late nights and on Sundays, when most French butcher’s shops are closed, according to the owners.

Five years ago, baguette dispensers began popping up across France.

More recently, butchers such as L’ami Txulette and bars have added vending machines with more complex offerings. Tourist-friendly medieval town Mennetou-sur-Cher now even has a machine that sells locally-made andouillette, a sausage made with pig intestines.

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