European Students Are Increasingly Turning To Sex Work To Fund Education

legs prostitute sex

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The number of female French students turning to prostitution to finance their education is on the rise, reports The Local.The report represents part of a growing trend in Europe where it seems young women are looking at sex work as a means of funding their education. Earlier this month it was reported that British students were being encouraged to work at strip clubs as a means of making more money with tuition fees for universities rising.

Now, French student unions and feminist groups are pointing out that an increasing number of students are prostituting themselves to earn extra cash.

According to the groups the problem is not a marginal one. Though official figures say that there are about 10,000 18 to 25-year-olds in France working as prostitutes, some student groups have previously estimated that there could be as many as 40,000 students working as prostitutes or escorts in the country.

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