These Are Stunning Videos Of French Austerity Protests

Paris Protest

Right now, France is alive with protests against the government’s plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.

Many of the protests have been in and around Paris, notably in the city’s suburbs, the somewhat notorious Banlieues.

Some are in the city centre and, according to videographers, not far from the Bastille.

Anarchists close to the Bastille (!) in Paris -- watch for a crazy karate kick at (0:05)

Protest video from Nanterre, a suburb to the northwest of Paris.

A massive line for gasoline, in France.

A demonstration at a school in France.

Another protest near a school, this time north of Paris.

Another protest from Nanterre, outside of Paris, this time with burning car.

More video of protests in Nanterre, slightly more fire

And this isn't the worst crisis in Europe...

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