French police have raided Uber's offices in Paris

The Paris offices of ride-hailing company Uber have been raided by French police, according to the Telegraph.

The company — which produces an app that lets users call for a variety of rides via an app — frequently courts controversy. It’s technically illegal in France, but it continues to operate openly in Paris. Uber frequently expands into regions where it does not yet have regulatory approval, mobilising its customer base to act as a de facto lobbying group for its services.

In France it has drawn protests from the established taxi industry, as has also happened in London and elsewhere.

The Local FR reports that Uber has denounced the raid as an “attempt at intimidation.” According to the French news site, the company was “targeted at the request of the Paris prosecutor’s office.”

It’s not clear whether any arrests were made in the raid, or whether any assets have been seized. We’ve reached out to Uber for more details, and will update when they respond.

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