French Paper: Sarkozy Allies Tried To Get Us To Leak A Sex Scandal About DSK

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[credit provider=”Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Business Insider”]

The French paper Le Monde is now saying that Sarkozy allies tried 3 times to get it to print details about a Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex scandal that took place in 2007.The incident allegedly involved DSK getting caught having sex with a prostitute in a car.

Le Monde has the details:

Allies of Nicolas Sarkozy [encouraged Le Monde to publish details about] the existence of a note written [be French police] shortly before the 2007 presidential election.

[The note indicated that] Mr. Strauss-Kahn [had been] surprised in an awkward position in a car, west of Paris, [having sex with a prostitute]. Neither the Paris Prefecture of Police nor the Ministry of Interior were willing to confirm – or deny – the existence of this note.

The significance is that the paper says Sarkozy allies tried to leak the details recently, as in, the last few months, as DSK was gaining popularity. 

Note: Le Monde has also published the name and photos of DSK’s alleged victim.