French Muslim students released a heartwarming video after the Paris attacks

The terrorist attacks in Paris last week were heartbreaking and horrific.

One of the most powerful responses comes from Etudiants Musulmans de France, the Muslim Students of France organisation that’s been around since 1989.

“They want our French hearts to be weak,” the narrator says. “They made our French hearts strong.” The video, which we first spotted on Quartz, draws a line against the fundamentalist viciousness of the attacks. 

“They think they are fighting Crusaders, and they invoke the Qur’an, and quote its verses. But shedding the blood of an innocent has no justification… not in Islam or anywhere,” the narrator says.

The video is especially powerful because, as analysts have argued, one of the primary goals of ISIS’s attacks is to create segmentation in society, which will further the cycle of radicalization. 

As with any tragedy, acts of human decency have shown through, from Parisians taking strangers into their homes, cab drivers giving free rides, and landmarks the world showing solidarity by donning the colours of the French flag. As the Etudiants Musulmans de France declare, the attacks will bring people together. 



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