LEAKED? French Blog Publishes Detailed Cables Concerning Strauss-Kahn Allegations


French blog Atlantico claims it has obtained leaked cables sent from the French consulate in NYC regarding the allegations against Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

According to Atlantico, the French Consulate is being kept abreast of the developments by high-ranking staff in the NYPD, and sends regular reports to Paris, some of which were supposedly obtained by Atlantico.

We can’t verify that the details are real.

Here are the most important bits:

  • From the NYPD police report: the victim called the police at 3:29pm (contradicting reports that DSK checked out of the hotel at noon). According to the report, DSK “came out of the bathroom nude, held the woman down on the bed and inserted his penis in her mouth.” The report incorrectly states that DSK is the “president” (managing director) of the IMF and was going to run for “prime minister” (president) of France which, given our experience of police reports, makes it sound likely that it’s a genuine police report.
  • “Scratches have been found on the chest” of DSK.
  • “DNA traces (most likely semen) have been found”, the cable quotes a NYPD high level source saying.
  • The NYPD believes the alleged victim to be “highly trustworthy.”

This mostly fleshes out what we already know, and the added details don’t help DSK.

That being said, this is a blog quoting an alleged diplomatic cable quoting an unnamed NYPD source, so this might not be accurate. Last night, also citing French Consulate sources, Atlantico said DSK would resign within hours from the IMF, and that hasn’t happened (yet).

Meanwhile, DSK’s legal team are telling reporters that he has an ironclad alibi, having checked out of the hotel before the alleged incident took place and having lunch with his daughter while it was taking place.

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