French Comedians Are Roasting Fox News’ ‘No-Go Zones’ Coverage

Yann Barthes Le Petit Journal French TV Host
French TV host Yann Barthès on the set of French TV Canal+ on March 16, 2012 in Paris. Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

French comedians are having a field day with a recent Fox News segment that depicted Paris as a city partially bogged down by dangerous “no-go zones” ruled by Muslim religious law.

Yann Barthès — host of a French television program (“Le Petit Journal”), which is a satirical news program akin to the “Daily Show” was among those to push back on Fox.

The American cable news channel, Barthès pointed out, has higher ratings than its competitors.

“Two million Americans have heard this,” he lamented at one point about the segment on “no-go zones”.

Barthès theorized the guest who presented the information on Fox likely derived it from a socio-economic map by INSEE, a demographic data provider based in Paris.

Le Petit Journal INSEE Fox News segment No Go Zones

L’INSEE’s maps, the host pointed out, are based on a neighbourhood’s income rates, social integration, and insurance coverage, not “safety, religion, or any of the other crap thrown out by Fox News.”

Barthès also accused Fox of sensationalism — a segment on Sean Hannity’s show ran footage of the 2005 French riots without context, “leading us to think it looks like that every day.”

Barthès went on to encourage his viewers to fight the disinformation by emailing a few words of protest to Fox head of communications Irena Briganti. He then shared her email address.

Le Petit Journal INSEE Fox News segment No Go Zones 2

“Send as many emails as possible,” Barthès said at the end of the segment. “Imagine that the director at Fox News might receive, I don’t know, two million emails? Enough to make her inbox a no go zone.”

Another show, “Le Petit Journal,” went a little further with a sketch of two paranoid Fox reporters parachuting into Paris, unable to shed the blinders of the network they work for. You can watch that sketch, which is largely in English, below.

The “no-go zones” segment led to multiple on-air apologies from Fox News.