Here's The Greatest Disney Movie Idea You'll Never See

Before there was the man and the mouse, Walt Disney illustrated Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a character he animated for Universal Studios and lost the rights to in 1928. He then had to start from scratch, coming up with an original character—Mickey Mouse—which brought him his ultimate fame; however, there was still that little rabbit that got away, a rabbit that very well could have been Disney’s staple icon. 

Sounds like a great story, right? Too bad it isn’t.

French artist Pascal Witaszek produced a farce movie mock-up of a Disney biopic called “Walt” featuring Ryan Gosling as the lead. Witaszek even appears to have captured the very essence of a frustrated artist trying to come up with a new character concept to outshine his Oswald creation. Check the poster out below.

Although, it would be great to hear the story of Disney and the mouse, we think it would be better to hear about Mickey’s often shelved predecessor, and older brother, Oswald. After 78 long years, the company finally received the rights to Oswald back after trading sportscaster Al Michaels from Monday Night Football to NBC in 2006.

The Walt Disney poster isn’t the first of Witaszek’s handiwork. The artist specialises in producing biopic posters, having a total of 17 on his site. You can check out more of Witaszek’s work here

Photo: Pascal Witaszek

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