Freeman Dyson Trashes Gore's "Inconvenient Truth"


In a lengthy profile of renowned physicist Freeman Dyson in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, we learn that Dyson, is “a short, sinewy man with strawlike filaments of excitable grey hair that make him resemble an upside-down broom.” If we read the entire lengthy profile, we learn that.

But if we just want the nut of their billion word essay, they deliver it at the very end when Freeman Dyson, a man that argued (and still argues) we should plant a trillion trees to reduce carbon dioxide on the planet, sits down to watch An Inconvenient Truth with his wife:

“The costs of what Gore tells us to do would be extremely large,” Dyson said. “By restricting CO2 you make life more expensive and hurt the poor. I’m concerned about the Chinese.”

“They’re the biggest polluters,” Imme replied.

“They’re also changing their standard of living the most, going from poor to middle class. To me that’s very precious.”

The film continued with Gore predicting violent hurricanes, typhoons and tornados. “How in God’s name could that happen here?” Gore said, talking about Hurricane Katrina. “Nature’s been going crazy.”

“That is of course just nonsense,” Dyson said calmly. “With Katrina, all the damage was due to the fact that nobody had taken the trouble to build adequate dikes. To point to Katrina and make any clear connection to global warming is very misleading.”

Image: Borazivkovic

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