Freelancer's poster contest shows who fans think is the real star of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

A couple of weeks ago, famed poster artist Drew Struzan revealed his first poster for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at Disney’s D23 Expo in California:

A photo posted by Drew Struzan (@drewstruzanart) on

It held more faint clues in very long series of faint clues being drawn out as the movies December 18 release date approaches.

In the poster, you can see three suns, a moisture vaporator, Anakin’s lightsaber and the stairs from Bespin’s Cloud City. All of those background aspects are not surprisingly closely tied the original trilogy.

Another poster from Struzan can’t be too far away – this one was a limited edition for the expo and Struzan created the final theatrical posters for the last prequel trilogy and the specidal edition original trilogy.

To fill in time until the official drop, Freelancer thought it was a good time to see what the fans could make of what they had heard from “The Force Awakens” set so far.

There’s a cash prize for the top three, and it’s already attracted some 200 entries.

We’ve picked out a mix of the most popular so far, and those which have something to say about what Star Wars fans think the plot will entail.

By far the most liked main element has been Rey, the spaceship parts scavenger dropped onto the desert planet Jakku:

Picture: Freelancer/diegonavarrete

See more of diegonavarrete’s work here

Picture: Freelancer/fb53d24dd68e551

See more of fb53d24dd68e551’s work here

Picture: Freelancer/licarto

See more of licarto’s work here

By far the most popular element used has been Kylo Ren

Picture: Freelancer/ahmednagiub

See more of ahmednagiub’s work here

Some fans think the good and evil lines between Luke Skywalker and Ren will be blurred

Picture: Freelancer/Reihra

See more of Reihra’s work here

Ren’s possible devotion to Darth Vader has been widely discussed. This is a popular theme.

Picture: Freelancer/pcbutterman

See more of pcbutterman’s work here

The crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku is a highlight of the TFA teasers

Picture: Freelancer/TobinBell

See more of TobinBell’s work here

Picture: Freelancer/Nihadricci

See more of Nihadricci’s work here

As is the return of the Millennium Falcon (and its pilots)

Picture: Freelancer/achmad99

See more of achmad99’s work here

And believe it or not, Hayden Christensen’s return is not impossible

Picture: Freelancer/lians1264

See more of lians1264’s work here

The competition’s still accepting entries. You can check them all out here at Freelancer.

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