Freelancer's Matt Barrie Took The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge During A World Record Attempt In Melbourne

This is what Matt Barrie looks like when dry.

Hundreds of people banded together for a good cause and to try and break a Guinness world record for the largest number of people to simultaneously take the Ice Bucket Challenge at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne last night

One of the many people to take part in the event, set up by Laugh to Cure MND, was Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie, who was challenged by Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed this week.

Happy to give back to a good cause, and uphold Ta’eeds challenge, Barrie flew to Melbourne from Sydney to take the challenge last night – putting an investor meeting “on ice” to do so.

In true challenger form, Barrie now put the call out to Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, The Australian Computer Society President Brenda Aynsley and the 12.5 million professionals who make up the Freelancer community to join in.

As well as taking the challenge and donating to the cause, Freelancer has set up a contest to continue to crowdsource the awareness for Motor Neurone Disease using the business’ contest platform.

Laugh to Cure MND attempted to break the current record of 250 people. Founder Pat Cunningham said the charity will submit last night’s results to the Guinness Book of Records, but it could take a while before they know if they have broken the official record.

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