Freelancer’s Asia Pacific Director, Nikki Parker, Has Resigned


Freelancer’s regional director Nikki Parker has resigned from her post at the Sydney-based tech company.

Parker’s off to data security company Covata, taking up the role of chief marketing officer, which will see her switch out her Sydney base for Washington DC.

Parker joined Freelancer in May 2013, before the company launched its IPO and has been a big part of the company as it transformed from startup to tech powerhouse.

Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie said, “It’s a great step up for Nikki in her career. No person would be better in the role than Nikki.”

Of the departure Parker told Business Insider it wasn’t a decision she made lightly.

“It was not an easy decision to leave Freelancer and I was not looking to move on! I have worked closely with Matt [Barrie] and the senior management team during such an exciting phase of this company’s growth and it was hard to leave such a talented bunch who have become like family,” she said.

Approached by Covata CEO Tent Telford, Parker said she was convinced of the company’s prospects. Covata will list on the ASX early in November via a reverse takeover.

“I am passionate about taking Australian tech companies through this exciting period and I believe Covata will be another shining success story for the Australian tech community,” Parker said.

Taking on such a big role so early in her career at Freelancer is an opportunity which Parker says set her up and is one of the many benefits of working for a startup in its early days.

“I have learnt a lot from Freelancer and seen us grow at a formidable rate during my time with the company,” she said.

“Working in a startup means it is all hands on deck, from CEO through to intern. Everyone has the chance to make a difference and you are encouraged to push the boundaries.

“That mentality and behaviour has been instilled from the top down and I have loved working in such a fast paced environment. I plan to keep up the energy in my move to Covata!”

Parker is a vocal spokesperson for women in tech and said that passion will be something she won’t be giving up.

“Trent and the team at Covata are incredibly supportive of my passion to support women in tech and when I said my involvement in that space was non-negotiable they couldn’t have been happier,” she said. “Women add a unique perspective to tech companies and the Covata team will be right behind me as I continue to educate women around the world on the opportunities within the industry.”

Parker’s job at Freelancer will likely be split up into a number of parts.

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