Freelancer Shares Are On A Tear After The Crowdsourcing Marketplace Announces Record Growth

Matt Barrie / Supplied

Freelancer, the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, today announced record receipts from customers of $7.4 million in the December quarter, up 7.6% on the previous three months.

CEO Matt Barrie says Freelancer continues to demonstrate exceptional growth, with record receipts from customers, registered users and posted projects.

“We expect that exceptional growth will continue in 2015 as it has each year for the last five years since the company was founded,” he says.

Freelancer ended 2014 with 14.3 million registered users and 6.9 million projects and contests posted.

User acquisition increased with 4.6 million new registered users, up 60% from 2013.

Freelancer shares were up more than 14% to $0.685.

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