Freelancer opens its escrow system to developers, its shares go on a tear

Matt Barrie.

Shares in Matt Barrie’s Freelancer jumped after the Australian labour exchange marketplace launched an API for its secure ​payments business

A short time ago, they were up 14.3% to $0.640.

The company says the release of the ​API ​means ​websites, ​marketplaces, ​classifieds ​sites, ​shopping ​carts, and ​mobile ​apps ​can ​enjoy ​the ​same ​protection ​of ​ protects ​both ​buyer ​and ​seller with ​all ​funds ​transacted kept ​in ​trust.

​“ ​has ​spent ​the ​last ​18 ​years ​as the ​world’s ​#1 ​safe ​and ​secure ​option ​for ​people ​looking ​to ​buy ​or ​sell ​anything ​online,” says Barrie.

“​Now ​that same ​power ​is ​available ​in ​an ​easy ​to ​use ​API ​that ​can ​be ​simply ​integrated ​into ​any ​business, app ​or ​service.”

Freelancer last week announced its third quarter quarterly cash flow numbers, showing cash receipts of $12.5 million, break-even operating cash flow and positive year to date cash flow of $1.4 million.

Freelancer, billed as the world’s largest online freelancing and crowdsourcing platform, in August surpassed 25 million users.

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