Freelancer Has Floated As A Billion-Dollar Company: Here's What Happened In Photos

Matt Barrie celebrates with Freelancer staff / Business Insider Australia

Matt Barrie had a definite rock star moment when he rung the bell signifying’s listing on the ASX today.

Freelancer commenced trading under the code FLN at noon.

It opened at $2.50 – five times the offer price of $0.50.

That gives Freelancer a market capitalisation of just over $1 billion.

Update: FLN closed the day at $1.60 a share.

Barrie, in his signature buttoned-down white shirt, celebrated the launch in a room packed with staff in Freelancer t-shirts and suited-up investors.

Energy in the room intensified palpably a minute to the float, when ASX manager Graham O’Brien announced that buyers were bidding up to $4 per share, and sellers were offering to sell at a low of $2.19.

Here’s what happened:

Champagne flowed, 30 minutes prior to the float.

Staff and hand-picked investors at the event.

Freelancer founder and CEO Matt Barrie - notably, with no champagne glass in hand - prior to the float.

ASX CEO Elmer Funke Kupper thanks Freelancer for choosing to list in Australia.

ASX manager Graham O'Brien gets the crowd excited about the opening price in the seconds leading up to the float.

Matt Barrie rings the bell at noon, sharp.

Barrie's rock star moment.

Happy staff, who are also shareholders. Michael Rhufus, in the hat and blazer, is a seed investor and Freelancer's first employee.

Barrie with his team.

Freelancer is the 33rd company to list on the ASX this calendar year, with listings raising a total of $5.1 billion to date – up 60% from 2012.

It joins about $30 billion worth of ASX-listed technology companies on the exchange. Barrie in recent years has been a vocal proponent of technology-related ASX listings, arguing that successful companies needed to help build up the sector in Australia.

“The listing of Freelancer is very important to Australia and to our exchange,” ASX CEO Elmer Funke Kupper said.

“It’s vital that locally developed technology businesses feel confident that ASX is their natural home when it comes to listing and raising capital.

“I’d like to thank the board of Freelancer for choosing to list on the ASX. We appreciate the confidence you’ve shown in the Australian marketplace.”

Barrie turned down a $400 million buy-out offer in September, when he decided to list Freelancer on the ASX instead.

The IPO was heavily oversubscribed within one week, and it looks like Barrie’s decision to list has paid off for him, staff and Freelancer’s hand-picked investors.

Barrie has a 46% stake in the company he founded in 2009. Today’s opening share price values his Freelancer shares at about $500 million.

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