Freelancer just hit 25 million users -- and 4.8 million are from one Asian country

Freelancer bot. (Source: supplied)

Australian labour exchange marketplace Freelancer surpassed 25 million users on Tuesday – and the company kicked off a $US25,000 crowdsourcing challenge to celebrate.

Freelancer claims it is now the “world’s largest online freelancing and crowdsourcing platform” by total users and jobs posted. Since its launch in 2009, more than 12.28 million projects have been advertised.

The platform is popular in Australia – which saw Freelancer surpass its local population last month – and the United States, which contributes 3.2 million users to the pool. However, the marketplace has caught fire in India, where 4.8 million users make up almost 20% of the customer base.

“We know that a lot of people rely on the platform as their primary source of income or the tool to power their business idea,” said Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie.

“It motivates all of us when we read some of the comments from our users about how Freelancer has changed their lives — it should serve as a reminder for everyone about the power of technology when paired with human ingenuity.”

Brazil, UK, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Canada round out the top 10 countries, while the USA, UK, Canada and Australia are the biggest sources of employers.

Tasks set range from designing a VR headset to building a “recipe marketplace” from scratch. This year requests for Bitcoin skills have also grown in prominence, although the company says it does not yet accept the cryptocurrency as a payment method.

On average Freelancer gains more than 12,000 new users and 8,000 new tasks daily. And each minute 94 bids from freelancers and 360 messages are sent through the system.

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