is getting into local jobs, giving Airtasker and Yellow Pages a nudge

Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie. Image: Supplied.

In a huge strategic move, just announced it’s rolling out a localised jobs service, which means users will be able to hire someone to pick up their dry cleaning or fix their leaking tap.

The company estimates extending the types of jobs which can be advertised on the platform increases its total addressable market from $75 billion per annum in Gross Payment Volume to several hundred billion dollars a year.

“When you have the largest and most liquid online services marketplace in the world with over 15 million registered users, it is natural for us to expand our business to encompass location- specific tasks,” CEO and chairman Matt Barrie said.

The new market of over 100 location-specific services will match jobs with freelancers in your area. Which means you can recruit a freelancer to do pick ups or deliveries, do handy work like electrical, plumbing or building, or even cater a party.

“Now, a family in Delhi can hire a local electrician to fix the wiring in their bathroom, a business in London can hire a local events specialist to run their product launch, and a young professional in Sydney can hire a removalist to move houses – all utilising our existing marketplace and products, such as our Milestone Payment system,” Barrie said.

The offer, which is similar to Sydney startup Airtasker, will be progressively rolled out over the next quarter.

With companies like Uber and Airbnb using tech to overhaul physical services, startups around the world have been jumping on the trend. Many are focussing on a specific niche, for example, in Sydney, Whizz is a platform which provides on-demand cleaning, Sherpa provides on-demand deliveries and LiquorRun delivers alcohol when and where you want it.

But unlike an early stage startup, Freelancer has the cash and resources to throw at its latest venture. The company last week revealed it was cash flow positive in the first quarter of the year. User growth has also been solid. At the end of March, Freelancer had more than 15 million registered users.

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