This Little Gizmo Will Give You Free 4G On Your iPhone


FreedomPop is now taking pre-orders for its handy iPhone add-on that brings a 4G connection to the device.

We first found this on All Things D.

The sleeve uses Clear’s WiMax network to give your iPhone access to faster internet.

Sign up for pre-order here >

FreedomPop announced last year that they would give customers 1GB of free 4G service per month if customers in exchange purchased the FreedomSleeve for $99.

Today the company amended that promise and instead offered 500 MB of free data per month. Still a decent deal.

FreedomPop is also allowing customers to return the sleeve after they are finished with it for a full refund.

This case would be excellent for someone who wants more data but doesn’t want to pay the carriers high prices. A user could elect to receive the cheapest data package with their mobile carrier and use the FreedomSleeve to supplement the data plan.

Check out the Freedom Sleeve in action:


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