An Australian airline hosts free in-flight wine tastings for everyone

Wine on planeFlickr/Travelling OtterFree wine, even in economy.

Those bemoaning the the glory days of travel — where ham was carved seatside and champagne flowed freely — should fly with Qantas, an award-winning Australian airline.

Quantas offers its passengers — all passengers, from the first row to the last — free wine tastings that showcase the best Australia’s vineyards have to offer.

The program, called Sommelier in the Sky, trains its flight attendants in all things wine, so that these can confidently host tastings and suggest wines from the specially curated wine list. The program is available on over 200 different long-haul flights.

The Aussie airline first launched its program a few years ago, and has subsequently become the third-largest purchaser of wine in Australia. It has i
nvested over $15 million dollars into the country’s wine industry in order to provide a luxurious in-flight experience to its customers, as well as an homage to the continent’s greatest wines.
“We are really proud to showcase Australian wine to the world, and we’ll keep supporting boutique Australian wineries as well as the iconic drops that have defined Australia’s global winemaking reputation,” said Gareth Evans, CEO of Qantas International in a recent press release.

The wine list is created by an expert panel that tests thousands of wines a year.

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