Play this amazing, free Battle Royale version of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ before Nintendo shuts it down


An incredible new “Super Mario Bros.” game just launched,and it’s totally free – and you’d better play it quick, because it almost certainly won’t last.

“Mario Royale” mashes up gaming classic “Super Mario Bros.” with the wildly popular Battle Royale genreto create something fresh and bizarre.

There’s only one problem: It’s an unofficial, unlicensed version of “Super Mario Bros.” And Nintendo tends to shut those down.

Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale (Mario Royale)

You might be wondering how in the world such a game even operates, and it’s shockingly simple.

The game randomizes a variety of different “Super Mario Bros.” levels, in the style of the original game on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and you play against dozens of other players. You can’t physically interact with the other players on screen unless you have a star power-up, which will “kill” them.

All players otherwise share a single world that each player can impact – so if you jump on a Koopa and send its shell careening away, it will knock out someone else. But you can’t, say, jump on another players’ head.

Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale (Mario Royale)
Sadly, I didn’t make it to Bowser. Just four players left! Nintendo/InfernoPlus

The game plays almost exactly like the original game, albeit with a few minor changes to account for all the additional players.

And how do you win? Survive! If you’re the last person alive, you’ll take the number one spot. Check out the game right here.

Check out this video of “Mario Royale” in action for a better idea of what to expect: