Seattle's Best Is Giving Away Free Coffee For Filing Your Taxes

Photo: Flickr via kennejima

If you’re looking at a hefty tax bill this year, here’s a small piece of comfort: Seattle’s Best coffee is rolling out free coffee samples to 100,000 taxpayers over the next week.(Or so it says. We tried it out and there doesn’t seem to be a way for them to tell whether you’ve filed your taxes or not. Guess you’ve just found another way to cheat on your refund.)

Here’s how to get your free cuppa:

1. Visit this link to the “Great American Coffee Refund” on the their Facebook Page. 

2. Just one small marketing ploy  to deal with: You have to “Like” the company first. 

3. Click through to fill in your name, address, and what kind of coffee you prefer. Two choices: ‘Bright and lively” or “Dark and bold.” 

4. IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the tab on this form that says ‘Don’t send me any emails from Seattle’s Best’ if you want to avoid spam

The promotion ends April 17 at midnight.

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