Free Report Download: Best Practices For Salespeople In The Social Era

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What works for the sales professional has changed in the last 10-15 years. This is a review of what’s changed, what the current sales obstacles are and what best practices we should follow. It’s bolstered by quotes from salespeople divulging the effective techniques they’re using right now.

Your team’s ability to adapt, improve key sales skills and respond to what today’s prospects want will determine your success or failure. Get inspiring insight on:

• The shift to consultative selling
• The growth of thought leadership
• How to build a sales reputation using social media
• Keeping employees up with the speed of innovation
• Solutions & best practices
• Proactive vs. reactive
• Attention and signal vs. noise
• Differentiation from your competitors (and those who are more agile to change)
• Focusing on marketing to the exclusion of sales
• The best, most proven ways to generate leads on LinkedIn
• In-person meetings vs. online meetings vs. video conferences

Free Report Download: Best Practices For Salespeople In The Social Era

  • Use this report as a checklist and keep moving through the list to adopt more of these best practices.

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