10,000 people have applied to live in this £8 million London penthouse for free

PenthouseScreenshot via SpareRoomThis could be your living room — and you wouldn’t have to pay for it.

Unless you’re a millionaire or a property guardian, it’s unlikely you can afford to rent a room in a penthouse in London.

But two tech workers living in a lavish apartment in Paddington are currently looking for a roommate to move in for free, according to an advertisement on the rental site SpareRoom.

Entrepreneurs Andrew Michael and Kai Feller want to fill the spacious en-suite double room in their 12th-floor penthouse, which comes with a cosy lounge, roof terrace with a Jacuzzi, and a snooker table, MailOnline reports.

Tenants also have their cleaning and laundry taken care of by household staff, get driven around in style by a chauffeur, and have their meals custom-made by a chef.

The penthouse, near Paddington Station, is worth £8 million ($11.6 million), Feller told Business Insider over Twitter.

Michael and Feller — the founders of Bark.com, which helps users source local services — are offering the room for free because they don’t need the extra money, according to their SpareRoom listing.

Penthouse roomScreenshot via SpareRoomThe bedroom comes furnished with an en-suite bathroom.

There’s just one catch: You need to be a fun, ambitious person who likes partying and drinking. No, really.

“We want some good company — someone to hang out with, party with, bounce ideas around with and generally enjoy all that London has to offer,” the ad reads. “You might already be successful and wealthy and want to live with like minded people or at the very least you’ll be ambitious. Being entrepreneurial and into technology is a big plus and enjoying getting drunk quite often is essential!”

“When we first saw the ad we wondered what the catch was but, after speaking to the guys a couple of times, we realised they’re genuinely looking for a flatmate,” Matt Hutchinson, direction of SpareRoom told MailOnline.

Penthouse corridorScreenshot via SpareRoomAll the cleaning at this penthouse is taken care of by household staff.

The chosen roommate — who should be a male or female aged between 16 and 40, according to Michael and Ferrer’s list of flatmate preferences on SpareRoom — will also need to abide by a few house rules.

There’s no smoking or pets allowed, and guests can only stay if they have been approved beforehand.

To apply, you’ll need to email the advertiser through SpareRoom and tell them why you would be their ideal roommate. You’ll want to hurry, though. Close to 10,000 people have applied to live there so far, Ferrer said.

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