Here’s how Europeans are getting Renault EVs for free or super cheap

  • Super-high subsidies in Germany mean car shoppers there are able to snag a Renault for free, Bloomberg’s Elisa Miebach and Stefan Nicola report.
  • The government is giving away up to 9,000 euros for each electric car that they buy.
  • In France and the Netherlands as well, electric-car subsidies are egging consumers on to buy more – even as demand for gas-powered vehicles craters and cities create regulations to ban them in the future, Bloomberg reports.
  • Bloomberg writes that company cars in Germany typically come with the best deals, but that private drivers can still lease an EV for as low as 39 euros per month.
  • French consumers can lease the Renault Zoe, a hatchback electric model, for just 79 euros a month.
  • Some offers, Bloomberg reports, do come with one-time fees or down payments.
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