Here's The Incredibly Clever Way Free People Uses Instagram To Sell Jeans

free people instagram

As brands experiment with ways to utilise Instagram, the clothing brand Free People has come up with a way to integrate customers’ Instagram shots on the retailer’s product pages.Free People, owned by Urban Outfitters, has begun attaching individualized hashtag information cards to specific jeans. Customers are then encouraged to take pictures of themselves in the pants, tagging them #myfpdenim or more specific tags for different jeans (like #fpanklecrop for the 5 Pocket Ankle Crop or #fpsorbettiedye for Sorbet Tie Dye Jeans).

These photos don’t only appear on Instagram, they also integrate into the specific denim’s product page on the Free People’s actual website (as long as they’re approved by the moderators, of course). This way, consumers become models, and potential buyers can see how a pair of jeans looks in real life. A full stream can be seen on a separate site as well.

Crowdsourcing company Olapic is running the operations. The New York startup’s co-founder, Jose de Cabo, told Mashable that “lots of e-commerce customers end up not buying a product because they’re not sure how the product is going to fit after they make the purchase. It also shows they have a super hip, engaged customer base.”

At first, the product page looks pretty typical—pretty model wearing jeans.

But when consumers scroll down, they can see how real people have worn and accessorized the items.

Customers can share how they wear the sorbet tie dye jeans by tagging photos are #fpsorbettiedye.

Because, let's face it, sorbet tie dye doesn't come naturally to everyone.

Pending a moderator's approval, all of the pictures are also compiled onto a denim showcase site.

People can scroll through and decide what looks work for them, and then they are encouraged to purchase the right fit.

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