Hundreds Of New York Women Are Not Shy About Doing The Downward-Facing Dog In Public

For the last decade, thousands of spandex clad yogis have convened in Bryant Park to perfect their downward facing dog.

Just steps away from the hustle and bustle of Times Squares, it seems like an unlikely location for finding inner peace.

“These days everyone is doing yoga and if they are not doing yoga, they are very curious about it,” said Christine Chen, one of the yoga instructor leading the Bryant Park Yoga classes, sponsored by Athleta, the sporting apparel line by GAP.

That certainly seemed to be the case when we visited. Despite the heat, the park was packed with people practicing sun salutations and a crowd of onlookers.

Between 300 to 800 people show up to take one of the free classes are offered on Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights throughout the summer.

Hear more from participants about the payoff and challenges that go along with getting your “zen on” in public.

Additional camera & production: Justin Gmoser

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