Professional art lessons and celebrities reading children’s books — here are 8 educational and free online resources that will keep kids stuck at home entertained amid school closures

As more and more countries go into lockdown and schools remain closed, new options for keeping kids engaged and entertained at home are essential. MoMo Productions/Getty Images

The Kennedy Centre’s artist-in-residence, Mo Williams, recorded a free 15-episode series called “Lunch Doodles” from his art studio at home to encourage kids to explore their creativity. The series is also accompanied by downloadable drawing activities.

Source: The Kennedy Centre

There are a number of educational YouTube channels that feature quick, fun videos answering kids’ questions about science. Mystery Doug, for example, is a channel operated by a science teacher that grapples with questions like “Do fish sleep?” and “How do batteries work?”

Source: Mystery Doug

Some websites allow kids to continue learning basic skills while out of the classroom. For example, SplashLearn is a free website allowing kids to practice maths through interactive games.

Source: SplashLearn

Museums and zoos are also providing free educational content. The Smithsonian Institute is offering live video streams of the National Zoo, where four cheetah cubs were just born.

Source: Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian Institute is also offering an inside peek at the National Portrait Gallery. Its website even includes downloadable colouring sheets.

Source: Smithsonian Institute

Other museums are also hosting virtual visits. The Met in New York City is using 360° technology to create an interactive way to view the exhibits digitally and the Musee d’Orsay in Paris partnered with Google Arts & Culture to craft a walk-through.

Source: The Met 360° Project,Google Arts & Culture

Storyline Online, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s literacy program, features endless videos of celebrities reading popular children’s books, like Rose Byrne reading “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

Source: Storyline Online

Some children’s musicians are transitioning from live shows to live streams. A website called Playtime Playlist is constantly updating a schedule featuring a wide variety of performers using different platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

Source: Playtime Playlist