Where To Get Free Books For Your E-Reader

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So you just dropped some cash on a new e-reader.

Now you’re expected to pay more money to fill it up with content?

Not necessarily – there are loads of places around the internet where you can score good books for the best price there is – no price at all.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is an investor in Business Insider through his fund Bezos Expeditions.


Archive.org has been collecting and digitizing all kinds of texts for several years. With lots of the copyrights expired, most of them are available as a free download.

Check it out here >

Amazon's free Kindle books selection

Amazon offers thousands of books for free. This includes those with expired copyrights as well as the occasional book by a new author looking for exposure.

Check it out here >


OpenLibrary operates as a conventional library does, letting you borrow and return e-books. All it takes is a free account.

Check it out here >

Project Gutenberg

Named after the man who's credited with inventing the printing press, Project Gutenberg is filled with free digital versions of of books whose copyrights have expired.

Check it out here >


An eclectic collection of free e-books, ranging from classic (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) to the obscure (And The Kaiser Abdicates).

Check it out here >

Free Books Hub

This site offers lots of books by contemporary but relatively unknown authors for free and cheap.

Check it out here >


Books from all kinds of categories live here. Even comic books. And they're all free.

Check it out here >

Kindle Lending Library

Amazon has facilitated an e-book lending library of its own. The only catch is that you have to own a Kindle device and be a Prime member to use it.

Check it out here >


If you browse around the iBookstore in iTunes, you'll notice that Apple is happy to make plenty of books, new and old alike, readily available at no cost. There's even a dedicated section of the store for them.

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