315-Pound Lineman Runs A 4.9-Second 40 Yard Dash, Dominates Everyone In Relay Race

Freddie Booth-Lloyd is 315-pound defensive lineman who’s going Temple University in the fall.

Despite his bulk, Freddie is a gifted athlete. Someone took video of him blowing people away in the “big man relay” — an exhibition 4x100m relay race between shot putters and discus throwers that takes place at high school track meets — and Deadspin picked it up.

After the video went viral, he said on Twitter that he runs a 4.9-second 40-yard dash (crazy fast for a man his size).

Watch him fly (more below):

In addition to playing football, he’s on the wrestling and track and field teams at Cocoa High School in Florida.

The guy is straight-up fast. Here he is beating a cornerback off the line in a pick-up game:

He once got an interception as a defensive tackle. He ran it back 81 yards for a TD, breaking tackles in the process:

He’s listed as a defensive tackle on Temple’s official website. But last year UCLA experimented with playing defensive players on offence, so maybe America will get its wish and Temple will line him up at wide receiver, which is clearly his natural position.

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