Fred Wilson Flips Out Over Yahoo's Attack On Facebook: 'I Hate Them'

Fred WilsonFred Wilson

Photo: nytimes blog

Influential New York venture capitalist Fred Wilson is furious with Yahoo over its decision to sue Facebook.He writes at his blog, A VC, the patents Yahoo is using are “a crock of shit.” He adds, “None of them represent unique and new ideas at the time of the filing.”

And he’s right. Have you seen what Yahoo is claiming it invented? It thinks it owns a patent on the idea of a free website supported by ads. Seriously!

Yahoo “crossed a line” by suing Facebook, says Wilson and now, “They are dead to me. Dead and gone. I hate them now.”

Yahoo was already hated by the cool kids in tech. Now it’s abhorred. It’s going to be really hard to attract good engineers, and it’s going to be harder to make acquisitions. Who wants to work for this sort of company?

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