Fred Wilson Helps Bloomberg Open A Software Engineering Academy In Union Square

Fred Wilson

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Today New York mayor Mike Bloomberg made his State of the City address.In it he is announced a new Software Engineering Academy supported by Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson, who helped fund the project. The Academy will be a new high school in Union Square; it will open its doors in September. 

“With support from venture capitalist Fred Wilson, this September we’ll be opening a Software Engineering Academy, the brainchild of one of our own teachers — Mike Zamansky from Stuyvesant High School,” said Bloomberg. 

“The new school will be located in Union Square — home to a growing tech community that includes companies like Yelp and General Assembly.  Those are the kinds of companies we want our students to work for or to start. And to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs in every field, we’ve launched a pilot program for 2,200 students who are developing business plans with other students around the world.”

Bloomberg says he plans to open at least a dozen new career and technical education schools in the next two years.

Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne just tweeted the news:

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