Fred Wilson Hasn’t Led A Single Startup Investment All Year

Startup 2011 Fred Wilson

Last year, Fred Wilson led four Union Square Ventures investments. Typically he leads two to three startup deals per year for the New York-based VC firm.

But this year, Wilson hasn’t led a single deal, Fortune’s Dan Primack reports.

“When asked what has changed in 2012, he didn’t really provide an answer,” Primack writes. “Just seems like the right opportunity hasn’t presented itself (although he apparently is working on a new deal that may or may not close before January).”

Wilson isn’t the only investor who’s been gun-shy this year. Benchmark’s Matt Cohler has yet to lead a deal in 2012, Primack points out. The same goes for Sequoia Capital’s Roelof Botha, who hasn’t lead a Series A investment in the past twelve months.

It’s worth noting that Wilson has made personal investments this year outside of the firm. He financially backed Engagio, a comment management tool that was created by a long-time commenter on his blog, A VC.

And another Wilson has been a very active investor this year: Fred’s wife, Joanne.

We’ve reached out to Wilson for comment.