Fred Wilson: Facebook's Worth $5- $7 Billion

BusinessWeek got Fred Wilson to sit down with four of its tech reporters while it taped the proceedings. The result: A 7+ minute clip of Fred Wilson talking to four tech reporters. BW doesn’t allow us to embed the video, so we’ll sum up here: Fred thinks we’re in for some kind of slowdown; he’d pay $5 billion to $7 billion for Facebook, and he wants a German version of Apple’s iPhone, so he can use it on T-Mobile’s network here.

FYI, some high-level publishing insight: Those odd sculptures conspicuously perched above the head of Spencer Ante, the affable gentleman in the middle of the shot? Those are “Ellies”, and they’re the publishing world’s version of Oscars, handed out to winners of the National Magazine Awards. They’re supposed to look like elephants, but we can’t vouch for that — we’ve never seen one up close.

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