Fred Nile Says Male Hostages Who Fled The Sydney Siege Don’t Deserve Bravery Medals


Australian politician and ordained Christian minister Fred Nile said male hostages involved in the Sydney siege “haven’t done anything” to deserve bravery medals.

Earlier this week Prime Minister Tony Abbott requested Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove support a move to honour the victims, hostages and emergency services personnel who were a part of the Lindt Cafe siege in Martin Place last month.

Speaking on Fairfax Radio, Nile said male hostage victims should receive “recognition for what they suffered” but did not think think they should be presented with awards for bravery.

“Normally bravery awards are given for an act of bravery – that somebody actually does something. They haven’t done anything,” Nile said.

The NSW MP went as far as to suggest, “Maybe they could have done something more to protect the women.”

Nile, a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council since 1981, suggested siege victims Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson deserve awards for bravery and said giving male hostages medals would diminish the worth of the accolades.

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