Iowa State Coach Sends Teen Daughter An Awesome Text Message After Dancing Horribly On TV

Paige Hoiberg’s dad, Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg, can be such a dad sometimes.

After his team beat North Carolina 85-83 to secure a berth in the Sweet 16, Hoiberg unleashed some truly awful dances moves in the locker room.

When his dance routine made it onto CBS’s postgame broadcast, he sent his daughter a text message apologizing in advance for embarrassing her.

“I just danced in the locker room…I’m guessing I probably embarrassed you…sorry!” he said.

She was ok with it, and tweeted out a picture of the text, saying “Ahahhahaha don’t even currrr #nyc #SWEET16 :)”:

The moves:

Paige, a high schooler with a promising basketball career of her own, has a legitmately entertaining Twitter feed. Earlier this year she called out Marcus Smart for flopping, and last night she was on a roll:

The Hoiberg family is the best.

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