Freak Snowstorm Ruins Spring Break At The National Zoo

giant pandaConfused panda

Spring is going out more like a lion than a lamb. 

Over the weekend, a spring storm dumped snow, slush, and rain across the mid-Atlantic region from St. Louis to Indianapolis.

Heavy snow also moved through Washington D.C. early Monday, sprinkling the nation’s capital with around 1.3 inches of snow, the most snow the city has seen all winter.  

The late storm even surprised some warm-weather loving animals at Smithsonian’s National Zoo, who like most of us, were looking forward to leaving winter behind.  

A red panda hugs a snow-covered tree branch.

This guy was ready for spring.

This Giant Panda was too.

Other pandas made the best of the situation.

The natural habitat is cool and wet forest land.

This cheetah looks surprised.

The Siberian tiger is built for Russian winters and has thick fur.

grey wolves, which are found in small populations through Canada, Alaska, and Yellowstone National Park, are also adapted to cold weather.

But this one looks a bummed out.

Przewalski's horse is a rare kind of horse, native to central Asia.

The snow is probably a shock to these Grevy's Zebras, which in the wild are found in semi-arid plains in Kenya and Ethiopia

These may animals may be re-born to see another winter.

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