Emory Kicks Off Frat For Allegedly Forcing Pledges To Participate In A 'Fight Club'

Fight Club

An Emory University fraternity has been removed from campus for four years after administrators discovered multiple instances of hazing, the Emory Wheel reports.

The Phi Delta Theta chapter at Emory had previously been investigated for hazing during the spring semester.

According to the Wheel, the investigation found that Phi Delt pledges were forced “to participate in a ‘fight club,’ consume ‘unusual amounts’ of items ‘that are not typical for eating,’ sleep on the floor of the house basement in just their boxers with no pillow or blanket and consume alcohol.”

Although the initial investigation during the semester was dropped after administrators could not find any evidence of hazing, Phi Delt’s case was reopened due to hazing “participants” and eyewitnesses coming forward.

The Wheel notes that emails indicating hazing were brought to Emory’s conduct office.

The Wheel reports that Phi Delt has accepted responsibility for the hazing, but has filed an appeal with the university. If the appeal is turned down, Phi Delt will have to suspend all fraternity-related activities and vacate their house on Emory’s “frat row.”

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