Billy Graham’s Son Jumps On The Birther Bandwagon


Christiane Amanpour hosted Rev. Franklin Graham on This Week, and the right-wing evangelist joined the Birther movement.

The host asked Billy Graham‘s son if the controversy surrounding President Obama’s birth certificate bothered him, and the Rev. — who previously claimed Obama was “born a Muslim” — answered that he cannot understand why the commander-in-chief has not produced a birth certificate.

“Well, the president I know has some issues to deal with here,” he said. “He can solve this whole birth certificate issue pretty quickly. I don’t — I was born in a hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, and I know that my records are there. You can probably even go and find out what room my mother was in when I was born. I don’t know why he can’t produce that. So, I’m not — I don’t know, but it’s an issue that looks like he could answer pretty quickly.”

Graham also offered his thoughts on why Sarah Palin will not run for the country’s highest office.

“I don’t think she likes politics,” he said. “I think she likes speaking on the issues and I agree with many of the issues that she brings up but I don’t see her as running for president.”

But Donald Trump? Now there is a man Graham could support.

“The more you listen to him, the more you say to yourself, ‘you know, maybe the guy’s right.'”

Video below.