Frank Ocean's producer explains why his mysterious album still isn't here

Frank Ocean collaborator Malay Ho, who coproduced the singer’s acclaimed 2012 album “Channel Orange,” has shed some light on the repeated delays behind Ocean’s latest, “Boys Don’t Cry.”

In a Reddit AMA, Malay answered a fan’s question about the album’s cryptic, deliberate rollout by explaining that “art cannot be rushed.” 

“It’s about making sure the perfect aesthetic for the situation has been reached, to do that takes constant tweaking, trial and error,” Malay wrote. “That goes for any creative [situation].”

Earlier this month, The New York Times reported that Ocean’s album would be released on August 5 as an Apple Music exclusive. A mysterious looping video of Ocean constructing some sort of structure in a warehouse appeared that week, but the album did not. 

On Reddit, Malay claimed that he has “never heard of an actual date” of release for the album, though he qualified that by adding, “Then again I don’t pay attention to a lot of stuff.” 

Still, as the hype continues to build for his new album, Ocean’s fans are notably looking back to his previous work. Last week, the singer’s Grammy Award-winning debut “Channel Orange” re-entered the Billboard 200 album chart after a three-year absence, boasting a 35% increase in sales. 

Watch Ocean perform his Malay-produced 2012 single “Pyramids,” below.  

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