14 of the greatest buildings by America's most famous architect

If you’ve ever roamed down the eggshell spiral ramp of the spherical Guggenheim Museum in New York City, you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a Frank Lloyd Wright original.

When it comes to American architecture, Wright is a legend.

He championed organic architecture, or the belief that buildings should live in harmony with the environment.

Wright “created a new form that would resonate over time, alway testing new ideas and materials,” the director of Wright’s Fallingwater, Lynda Waggoner, tells Tech Insider.

Here are his greatest works.

Another famous work is the Taliesin home. Like a ship's bow, it rises above the surrounding Wisconsin hills. The stone used in courtyard continues into the bedroom and library.

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Although an earthquake destroyed this Tokyo Imperial hotel in 1968, the lobby has been reconstructed at the Meiji-Mura museum.

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And Wright designed this vine-covered home in Arizona for his son, David.

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The Avery Coonley House in Riverside, California, oversees 10 acres of property with gardens and its own pond with lily pads. If you're in the market, it's now on sale for $2.1 million.

Patrick Gustine

Wright designed modest, affordable homes too, called the American System-Built homes. 'He wanted to create architecture for a democracy, not just the wealthy,' says Waggoner. Here's one such duplex in Milwaukee.

While most 20th century architects took cues from our European ancestors, Wright developed a different vision for the American home. The Robie House in Chicago features continuous windows throughout and a wide open living space at its center.

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The Robie House in 1911.

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