A Frank Lloyd Wright Cottage On A Private Island Is On Sale For $19.9 Million

Petra Island Frank Lloyd Wright

Photo: Courtesy of AHAlife

When renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright began designing what is now known as the Massaro house on Petra Island, he told the owner of Fallingwater, another one of his iconic homes, “When I finish the house on the island, it will surpass your Fallingwater.”But in his lifetime, Wright would never see the house built. Instead, the original plans and designs were taken up by Joe Massaro and architect Thomas Heinz, a fact that caused some grumblings among Wright fans and purists in the architecture world.

Joe Massaro addressed the controversy with The Guardian back in 2006, saying “To me, that’s ridiculous. It’s like, if you found a symphony by Beethoven, you wouldn’t play it?”

The heart-shaped island is a 15-minute helicopter ride north of New York City. It was completed in 2008 with a 5,000-square-foot main residence and a 1,200-square-foot guest cottage. The entire 11-acre property is now available for sale for a cool $19.9 million, according to a report by AHAlife.

This is the heart-shaped private island designed by Frank Lloyd Wright located in Lake Mahopac in New York state.

Source: Google Maps

Petra Island is 11-acres and includes a guest cottage and main house, which you can see on the left.

Source: AHAlife

The house is surrounded by 200-year-old beech trees, and was built based on incomplete Frank Lloyd Wright plans.

Source: AHAlife

Like a lot of other Wright architecture, the house melds modern design with its natural surroundings.

This is the upper deck looking out over the water. You can see how well the materials blend with the landscape.

Here's a snapshot of the living room that extends out over the edge of the island.

And the foyer, which has a 12-foot-high by 60-foot-wide rock sprawling through the hallway.

Source: AHAlife

Another view of the entryway, showcasing the geometric skylight that provides the house with natural light.

The master bedroom has a fireplace and an interesting ceiling.

Not to mention a fantastic view.

The view in the guest bedroom isn't too shabby either.

The Massaro kitchen extends the theme of natural rocks and light throughout the home.

The shower does, too.

There's also a library where you can relax and read books by an open grate fire.

Petra Island is a 15-minute helicopter ride away from New York City, and even comes with its own helipad.

Source: AHAlife

Or you could arrive by boat from the public marina.

Apart from the main house is a small guest cottage built in the same style.

The 1,200-square-foot abode may not seem like much from the inside...

...but it also has fantastic views of Lake Mahopac.

A shot of the guest house kitchen illustrates an interest in geometric shapes and stained glass.

There's even a connected woodshed in the back of the house.

The island itself is filled with pathways leading to and from the beach.

And plenty of places to unwind and take in the scenery.

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