Is This The Private Plane That's Creating A Scandal At Chelsea Clinton's Wedding?

clinton plane

Photo: Business Insider

Former First Daugher Chelsea Clinton is set to be married next week, and the subject of the guest list is all the buzz.One quote that’s been going around from a NYT profile on the wedding is this one:

    “I’m good enough to borrow a plane from, but not good enough to be invited to the wedding?” complained one Clinton friend, who remembered the times he handed over his jet and his pilot to take Bill Clinton around the country but had not landed a coveted invitation to Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials.

Hilarious. And it also makes for a great guessing game.

Some have speculated that it’s Clinton pal Ron Burkle, and that due to his party-boy reputation, Chelsea might not want him at the wedding.

Our guess though? It’s investor Frank Giustra, who has faced some controversy for his connection to the Clinton Global Initiative, and whether that connection helped him land a uranium deal in Kazakhstan. AND we know that Clinton has flown on his jet.

Plus, a tipster with some knowledge of private air travel believes that Giustra’s jet is one of the former President’s premier modes of transportation.

And they sent us pictures of the inside of the 1990 MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-87.

We’re not 100% sure, obviously, but it’s a fun game. Presumably, the guest list will leak soon, and then we’ll know whether Giustra or Burkle made the cut.

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