Tony Abbott's daughter Frances features in a new video urging a Yes vote on same-sex marriage

Frances Abbott in the new video from the Australian Marriage Equality campaign. Image: screenshot.

The daughter of former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott appears in a new video from the Australian Marriage Equality campaign, urging a Yes vote and sharing her personal experience of having a gay aunt and having differing opinions within her family on the issue.

Frances Abbott, whose father is the highest-profile politician in the No camp, features in a two-minute clip published by Australian Marriage Equality this morning in which she makes an emotional plea for a Yes vote, saying “marriage equality would make society a much better place”.

“Less fear of discrimination or fear of isolation or loneliness,” she says. “It has to change. And it will change.”

She says it is “well known within my family we have people that sit on the other side of the fence”.

While the former PM is canvassing for the No side, arguing that a rejection of marriage equality would “stop political correctness dead in its tracks”, his daughter has now joined his gay sister, Christine Forster, in campaigning for change through the postal survey currently underway.

“My mother and my father raised me to stand up for what I believe in,” Frances Abbott says, adding that marriage equality is “more than politics”.

“What this comes down to is love,” she says.

Here’s the clip:

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