France Will Fine You $99,000 If You Retweet This Twitter Account


Exit poll data from France is starting to leak, but don’t look for any French media outlets or even French citizens to start tweeting the data.

It’s highly illegal.

From NYT:

Until 8 p.m. Sunday, election day, when the last polling places close in the first round of voting, the country’s 10 presidential candidates may not give speeches or interviews, distribute fliers or update their campaign Web sites or Facebook pages.

And no media outlet, pollster or citizen is to publish voting data of any kind — no leaked exit polls, no hints on Twitter — on pain of a fine of up to 75,000 euros, or $99,000.

So if you want live data on the French election, you can check out @2012resultats (which say it’s being run out of New Zealand), but if you’re French, and you RT it, you’re in huge trouble.

Meanwhile, here are some results (in French) from the last few minutes.



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