France Wants To Tax CO2 Emissions From Cars And Homes

France is mulling a CO2 tax household and transport fuels, NYT’s Green Inc. reports. The tax would start at $20 per ton of CO2. By 2030, the price could be $143.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says the tax is to wean people off of dirty fossil fuels, but critics say it’s just a way for the French government to pay off its debts. The revenue collected from the tax–expected to be $5.7-$11.4 billion–is supposed to go right back to public as a tax break or a “green” rebate check, though.

Sarkozy is getting ripped by opponets, who say this is bad time for a tax. The carbon tax would add $434 to each person’s total annual energy bill.

The debate in France over the CO2 tax looks remarkably similar to the one here in the U.S. The only difference? In France, they already have cap and trade. This is just adding on to that.

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