France Is About To Sell Four Of These $412 Million Warships To Impoverished Greece


Photo: DCNS

German officials are up-in-arms over the planned sale of four DCNS FREMM multimission stealth frigates to heavily indebted Greece.Spiegel reports the deal would provide up to four frigates at $412 million apiece in a purchase arrangement that would deliver the ships free of charge and offer a big discount when payment is due in five years.

An executive from the ThyssenKrupp group in Germany, that also competed for the Greek contract, complained by letter to the German government that the French purchase will essentially be co-financed by German taxpayers.

If the Greek haircut, which is looking increasingly likely, does occur, German citizens would be shouldering part of the naval purchase.

The FREMM frigate, developed between France and Italy, is 466 feet in length, displaces about 6,000 tons, and has a 6,800 mile range.

The frigate comes in three versions: anti-submarine, anti-aircraft, and general purpose. Greece’s original 2009 order was for six ships and while the current order is smaller all the ships will be equipped with the sea version of the SCALP cruise missile.

Take a virtual tour through FREMM frigate below.

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