This Accidental Naked Frenchman Is Now Used To Sell Swimming Trunks

la redoute

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After one of France’s largest clothing catalogues accidentally published a photo of a naked man in one of its adverts, a rival catalogue has cashed in on the error.According to The Local, clothing retailer 3 Suisses used a blurred image of the nude man to advertise its swimming trunks after its rival, La Redoute, accidentally included him in an ad for children’s beachwear on its website.

Superimposing an image of trunks over the offending gentleman’s crotch, the cheeky ad reads “Clearly not everyone knows we have swimming trunks from €9.99.”

La Redoute’s mistake became a bit of an Internet sensation last week, with the image of the naked man being Photoshopped into several famous scenes including the Moon Landing and episodes from the French Revolution.