Liberals Are Sending A Big Message To Andrew Cuomo With This Full-Page Ad

A coalition of more than 135 left-leaning groups sent a message to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo about his possible 2016 ambitions Tuesday, taking out a full page anti-hydrofracking ad in Iowa’s Des Moines Register.

The ad is also running in the Albany Times Union, but its placement in Iowa is significant, given that the state holds the nation’s first presidential nominating contest. 

“Governor Cuomo, America is looking to you,” the ad reads. “Stand up for people over pollution. Don’t allow a single fracked shale gas well in New York. This is your chance to be a national leader on climate.”

The ad closes with this message in big, bold font: “Your choice now will be remembered forever.”

Cuomo is considering whether to lift a moratorium on fracking in New York, a decision he is expected to make by the end of the month. 

Here’s the full ad:

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